Festival Tour

Festival in Bhutan is treated as one of the auspicious and important event in the calendar of Bhutanese. It's time to witness the different kind of Chams (mask dances) preformed by the religion body of our country. It is also treated a chance to be present one in their best, wearing the best clothes (Kira & Gho) national dress, which is weaved by hand and treated as one of the expensive cloth. Festival held in every district once in a year on different dates. While this tour one can witness our unique tradition, mask dance, recital performance of Buddhist country. This tour can be in different date. Of all festival Thimphu Tshechu, Punakha Domcho, Paro Tshechu and Gomba Kora are famous. Inflow of tourist will increase on these festive events which leads shortage of accommodation, if you book your tour in last minute.

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