Himalayan Expedition is a travel company based in capital city Thimphu, Kingdom of Bhutan. It was established after much research, statistics and much waiting. I was working for more than five years for a travel company in Bhutan and in different areas of Hospitality industry. I have wholesome experiences in travel management and inspired me to establish of a travel company of my own to cater the needs of people around the global who wants to visit Himalayan beauty of Bhutan. The satisfaction of our guests in providing them with the sight kind of travel opportunities in coping with their itinerary and their interests is our motto. We aspire to travel you with the best luxury and adventure in wring the global standard. Himalayan Expedition is also member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operator (ABTO) and Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) under Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Though Bhutan was isolated for a decade past, recently the Kingdom has opened its door for the outside world. Bhutan is known as Last Sangria-la and the land of Thunder Dragon. About 70% of the land is covered by the green forest. Bhutan is also a young democratic country.

Mc Kinsey (a research based consultancy firm from abroad) has declared that Bhutan is one of hot tourist spot with its rich biodiversity. More than hundred thousand of tourists are expected to visit Bhutan every year.

Therefore, I assure my guests that, my team will make your trip unforgettable, taking nothing just the memories and leaving behind nothing just your footsteps. I hope you will make the right choice of your trip maker to the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Save journey and save expedition with Himalayan Expedition in the Himalayan Kingdom; Bhutan.

Tashi Delek

About Bhutan

This mystical kingdom, tucked into the Himalayas between India and China, offers visitors a glimpse of an isolated culture untouched by the passage of time. Women still create intricate weavings by hand. Paintings created centuries ago still grace ancient buildings. The land of the Thunder Dragon proceeds cautiously into the 21st Century, committed to preserving its pristine forests, rare wildlife, unique architectural wonders, traditional Bhutanese crafts, and deep Buddhist roots. Tantric Buddhism is the state religion and permeates every aspect of society. The visitor sees tattered prayer flags flying on the highest mountain passes or fluttering on fragile strings over roaring glacial streams. A young man on main street may set a row of prayer wheels spinning as he passes. An old woman spins her own tiny prayer wheel as she sits on the stoop with friends. Majestic fortresses (dzongs) and monasteries grace the hillsides. Colorful religious festivals, unchanged for centuries, offer seasonal relief from endless farm labor. 70% of Bhutan'ss people still live on Bhutan'ss barely 8% arable land. The visitor may see lime green rice paddies or pink buckwheat fields thriving by rippling streams. Bright red chilies dry on rooftops. A young girl may herd her cows along a pastoral hillside surrounded by verdant mountains.


The remainder of Bhutan is mountainous, 70% of it covered by pristine, old-growth forest. Bhutan'ss government protects unique animals, birds and plants still thriving in a habitat untouched for centuries, one of the world'ss most diverse ecosystems. And above all these wonders stand the magnificent Himalayas, white peaks rising to 7,000 meters (23,000 feet).There is peace and magic here for you to experience. Come play your part in this kingdom'ss effort to join the modern world, while consistently maintaining its distinct and incredible cultural identity.


Bhutan is known by many names. Since it grew medicinal herbs in abundance, it was called Lhojong Menjong or the southern land of medicine. Based on its landscape it was called Ridrag gi yul or the land of the dense forests and mountainous terrain. This kingdom was also called Tsenden key pi jong or the land of cypresses as it is a country where cypress grew plentifully. Cypress is today the national tree of Bhutan. People started calling this country Drukyul or the Land of the Thunder Dragon, after 16th century- a name derived from Drukpa Kagyu School. This country is called Bhutan to outside world.


Bhutan also known as Drukyul, the country of Drukpas, lies in the eastern Himalayas sandwiched between India and China. Bhutan located between 88 deg.45 min. and 92 deg.10 min. longitude east and 26deg.40 min. and 28 deg.15 min. north. This mountainous country except for small flat lands in the south has an area of 38,398 sq kilometres.


Bhutanese peoples are widely known for their hospitality. You will meet with peoples who will always welcome you and give you warm company. We are Mongolian race.


Bhutan's national dress is Gho for gents and Kira for the ladies. Gho is a kind of gong which will cover whole body and till keen. Kira is cloth which will be wrapped around the body till the foot. Every Bhutanese should wear the national while visiting government office, historic places, dzongs, and temples.

Food and Beverage

All Bhutanese people depend on rice and vegetable for the most time. Ema Datse (Chilly with cheese) and Phaksha (Pork with chilly) are famous dish. Suja (Butter tea) is famous among the tea. But now, all Continental, Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes are available to serve one across the country. Ara (local alcohol) is well known in Bhutan in among of drinks.