Are you tired of being cooped up in your office? Are you ready to get away from your hectic life and enjoy the serenity and soft adventure in a kingdom a-world-away? The Himalayan Expedition offers you the chance of a lifetime! Come away to a land few have experienced, a land thought to be the last Shangri-La. Whether you want to get away for the holidays, honeymoon, family vacation, or adventurous trip with a small group or a large one, Bhutan's Himalayan Expedition will leave you breathless with wonder! Taking you to every, wonderful and historic places and sites in Bhutan. The Himalayan Expedition is based in capital city Thimphu, Kingdom of Bhutan; owned and operated by a local Bhutanese travel expert with a great deal of experience in tourism and trekking. We are happy to arrange specialized trips for hiking, walking, trekking, bird watching, and mountain biking, culture and leisure activities. We have some selective package which is different from rest of travel companies. We also give some priority for the client if they want some of their own trip plan as per their budget under our guidance.